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Karel Sterba Jewelry, established in 1985, is committed to providing the highest quality special order and custom jewelry design and fabrication, as well as antique, vintage and heirloom jewelry repair and restoration.

Special Orders and Custom Design of Antique Reproductions or One-of-a-Kind Pieces

With an extensive collection of original designs and drawings dating back to beginning of the 20th century and even earlier, we provide ideas and inspiration for the custom design that you are searching for. We start our process by sitting down with you and sketching and developing the ideas for your custom design. Customers are encouraged to provide their own suggestions, adding to the final concept of the jewelry piece.

When we determine what the desired look of the final piece might be, then we proceed with a 3-dimensional rendering at 1:1; life-sized scale. The design is then presented in front-side view, top view and side view, for your review so you can see how the piece will be viewed in reality. This step before fabrication is essential because you have the opportunity to make minor corrections and adjustments to the final design. Once you are satified with final look and specification of the design, we can proceed with the fabrication of the actual jewelry piece.

This procedure is the same for whether you come for reproduction of existing designs and pieces, original vintage jewelry or one-of-a-kind personalized pieces, whether of contemporary or vintage design, or a combination of both.

The process of the actual work involved, begins with gathering materials for the pieces; platinum, gold, gems, diamonds and whatever special materials needed for the fabrication of your piece. Using only the highest quality hand tools and the finest machinery, the jewelry is finely crafted in the time-honoured manner of European-trained professional jewelers, creating unique pieces that will last for many lifetimes.

Restoration and Repair of Antique, Vintage, Heirloom, and Estate Jewelry.

Our work in restoration and repair of antique and vintage jewelry is executed with the highest standards possible since we believe that accuracy and matching the craftsmanship of the original design is important in the restoration process. We ensure that we are following correct styles and using the proper materials of the period, making sure that all elements of the design is original to the design of that period; i.e. vintage pieces with vintage cut stones, must have stones replaced from the specific period. Missing or broken parts are reproduced and replaced to exact specification of the design from that period.

We believe top craftmanship must be matched with equally precise and high quality craftmanship. We evaluate every detail of the original piece and decide what would be the best approach to restoring and/or repairing that piece of jewelry that will last for many generations to come.

Supplying of Diamonds and Colored Gemstones

Whether you seek a replacement, restoration, repair or commissioned jewelry pieces, we can supply the required diamonds and colored gemstones, ordered to fit your requirements and budget. We also offer recutting and repairing of damaged diamonds and colored stones. My commitment to your total satisfaction is top priority and I hope to make the process of creating or restoring your fine jewelry pieces, an enjoyable one.
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